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Our canned food called GOURMET MEALS are as all our foods made with 100% human grade.

Size: 400 g cans

Flavor: Chicken, Beef, Fish for adult dogs and adjusted to special feeding need of Seniors and Juniors.

Special food for Juniors and Seniors currently available with beef.

Canned wet food is commercially sterile (cooked during canning) and is normally in the form of pate, meat loaf or chunks in gravy or jelly. It usually has a higher protein level than dry food and between 60-90% moisture. Given the canned food's high moisture content, however, a larger amount must be fed.


Potentially, canned dog food is superior to kibble. Good quality products as ours contain more meat protein than their dry counterparts and they are made with fewer  or  no  carbohydrates.  Additionally,  due  to  their  airtight  packaging, canned foods contain no synthetic preservatives, so fats and oils sealed inside cans don’t easily become rancid.


Premium products, like ours, do use human grade meat and vegetables.

We do not use any synthetic flavours colourings, grain gluten and other protein gels are often used in cheaper wet food to create artificial meat-chunks, which look like real meat.

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