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The Doggeesnaxx team has re-invented the pet food ‘wheel’ by adapting the production process to our ingredients of choice. Our production process allows us to use all ingredients we see fit - all fresh and human food grade quality - to create a ‘new generation’ of pet food that ensures optimal nutrition and acceptance. We do not need powdery components like grain or maize flours, cereals or other empty carbohydrates! Nor do we need colouring or taste-enhancers required due to extrusion. And by using modern MAP packaging, we also remove all need for syntheric preservatives!

Unique formulations

We’re always surprised how little thought seems to go into a lot of natural products. Even for humans, even when there is proper, valid scientific research which shows that a natural ingredient has a profound positive effect on a condition, there are few supplement companies that utilise this knowledge.

We do. This is why our supplements contain herbs that you might never have heard of before, particularly those from the African continent. We have incorporated them because they have been scientifically tested to be extremely effective.

A different approach to ingredients

The other thing that makes us different is that we use many different ingredients in our products, unlike most manufacturers who use fewer ingredients in higher amounts. We believe that, in nature, a single molecule is unlikely to solve what is nearly always a complex problem. We prefer to use moderate amounts of many different ingredients which all work, each in their different way, towards the same goal. We have found this multi-pronged approach to be extremely effective.

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