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Diatomaceous Earth - Garden

Diatomaceous Earth - Garden


Our food-grade diatomaceous earth is a 100% organic product. It's a natural insecticide and pesticide and a rich source of silica for plants. 


Our large 1.5 kg bags are ideal for use in the garden as a pesticide, deodoriser and soil enhancer.

  • What is Diatomaceous Earth?

    DE consists of silica rich, fossilized exoskeletons of aquatic diatoms (single celled algae), harvested from sediment and ground to a powder.

    DE is effective against aphids, thrips, ants, mites, earwigs, bedbugs, adult flea beetles, cockroaches, snails, fleas, ticks, lice and other soft bodied pests.

    For more information on how and when to use diatomaceous earth, click here.

  • Ecological Benefits

    • Diatomaceous Earth is mineral-based: approximately 3% magnesium, 5% sodium, 2% iron, 19% calcium, 33% silicon and several trace elements.
    • DE is non toxic and therefore harmless to you, your pets, birds, fish, wildlife or any beneficial microorganisms it contacts in soil.
    • DE is not chemical. It does not harm like chemical poisons and will not lose potency nor evaporate.
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