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SofDry Chicken - Adult Cat

SofDry Chicken - Adult Cat


Our chewy SofDry cat food bites are a complete and balanced meal and contain 80% real chicken.

All our products are made with 100% human-grade food ingredients.


Ideal for cats of all sizes.


  • Ingredients:

    80% Chicken: fresh whole chicken, chicken meat, heart & liver

    15% Carbohydrates: tapioca

    Oil: Fish oil & sunflower oil

    Vegetables & Herbs: moringa, parsley, basil seed

    Additives: Vegetable glycerin, olive leaf extract, sea salt, calciu phosphate, taurine, vitamins C & E

    0% wheat, corn, gluten, flavouring, synthetic aromas, colouring (hence colour may vary), meat meal, bone meal or chicken fat coating!

  • Feeding Tips:


    • A daily feeding routine regulates digestion.
    • Monitor your cat’s weight & activity - adjust food volumes accordingly.
    • Clean, fresh water must be available at all times. 
    • Don’t overfeed. Overweight animals are at risk of joint erosion &  heart failure.
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